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Locked out? Call us!
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Our services at a glace

  • Door opening
  • Repairing of broken locks
  • Replacement of closing cylinders
  • Generating of replacement keys
  • Car door opening
  • Security and Crime prevention advice
24/7 Availability

Our team from Locksmith Dresden is at your disposal 24/7 - we will find the right solution for your key problem.
When standing unforseen in front of a locked door, a respectable and qualified locksmith is needed.
Reliability and trust are key in such a situation. For that reason, it's advisable to have the phone number of an experienced locksmith service at hand.

Locksmith Dresden

Doesn't the following sound familiar? You're in a hurry, want to catch the bus or be at work in time: you grab your bag, close the door behind you and want to lock it. Unfortunately the key is nowhere to be found, because it's still on the dresser, where you put it yesterday..

With a locked door or a forgotten key Locksmith Dresden is your first contact. We're available for you all year, 24 hours a day, no matter if it's a holiday or in the middle of the night. We guarantee a fast and inexpensive door opening, so you can enter your home in shortest time again. We are pleased to give you an estimate in advance. There are no hidden fees.

You've lost your key? We are there for you!

Your door accidentally closed, the lock is stuck or your key has been broken while opening the door? No problem, Locksmith Dresden will be at your place in a few minutes and will take care of your key problem - no matter if you're in Neustadt, Albertstadt, Großer Garten, Johannstadt, Friedrichstadt or other districts of Dresden. We from Locksmith Dresden open your door, repair your damaged closing cylinder or remove broken pieces of your key from the door lock.

When it gets stuck: Locksmith Dresden helps

It's not rare that we lose our key and suddenly are standing in front of a locked door. The replacement key hasn't already been given to the neighbor (as you've planned so many times), but is still inside your own apartment. We will open your door fast and professional. In case of a lost key we provide you with the necessary replacement. One call is enough and we'll be on scene in a few minutes. So there's no need for you to spend the night outside or even have to break the door by yourself.

In addition to our door opening service, we also enjoy to provide you with guidance in the fields of safety and burglary protection. Furthermore we can change locks with malfunction at a fair rate and can also help you when it was damaged in a burglary.

Installation of door locks and cylinders

Although you're in possession of a replacement key, after losing your key it's always a good idea to change your lock (for safety reasons). We can help you and provide guidance to solve your problem. Here is what we do: First we'll work out a solution collectively with you. Then you can choose between a completely new lock and just the change of a closing cylinder. If you've lost your key or your lock has a malfunction it's not necessary to change the whole lock. It's completely sufficient to change the closing cylinder (as the closing cylinder is installed within the mortise lock). Important: before we start the installation of a new cylinder or lock, we explain all the planned steps to you first. So you'll have an overview over all the alternatives and can be sure that there are no hidden costs.

It's common that the functionality of lock cylinders decreases after a few years. The lock jams, hooks and in the worst case cannot be closed anymore. At our store you can find various lock cylinder models as well as door locks. We offer them in various qualities and at different prices – from cheap to high professional. The socalled locking-system-cylinders offer a special feature as the opening of several cylinder locks can be done with just one key. This is particularly suitable for companies with large building complexes. There is no need for the employees to carry several keys for different doors anymore.

Locksmith Dresden: Our Professional Key Copy Service

It happens really fast: for different reasons you lock yourself out and have to call a locksmith service to open your door again. To prevent you from that experience, it makes sense to get some replacement keys after moving to a new home. You can distribute them to friends, family or neighbors.

Basically it's always an advantage if all family members got their own door key. So no one has to stand in front of a locked door.

We are duplicating keys of all common models. No matter if it's a door key, profile cylinder key, beard key, room key, mailbox key, car or bicycle key. We produce as many replicas as you need. It only takes a few minutes and you can take them home with you immediately.

Burglary protection and safety engineering: we are happy to advise you

Especially during the holidays, there are burglaries or burglary attempts. One of the main reasons for a successful burglary is insufficient protection. Experienced burglars often just need minutes for a break-in. Inadequate protected doors and windows can be opened with a common screwdriver. To prevent you from this unattractive experience, we are pleased to advise you on the topic of burglary protection and optimally adapt the safety technology to your wishes and requirements. For example, mechanical safety devices on your front door can provide additional safety. With our help, you can increase your chances that the burglary attempt remains just a try.

To protect your front door effectively, we recommend the installation of an additional door lock. This provides for extra protection in addition to the normal door lock with a double locking mechanism (such as a rotary knob or a locking bracket in the interior).

Also a socalled crossbar can help to protect your home. It uses a horizontal bar over the entire door width and provides great mechanical resistance. In addition, electronical security systems, such as alarm systems, can help to protect your property. On the one hand, the mere presence of an alarm system as well as a triggered alarm acts as a deterrent to potential burglars. On the other hand, advanced electronical security systems immediately inform the police, so the burglars can be caught quickly.