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Digital Door Locks: Smart Locks of the Future

To be well-equipped against burglars, it is important to combine different types of locks. We recommend installing digital locks to our customers, especially when they want to protect their commercial or industrial property.

But what are the biggest advantages of digital locks? First, their use is quite simple. It is no longer necessary to replicate keys so you will be able to give access to a special door or building to as many (or few) people as you want to. This procedure is quite pleasant, particularly for big office complexes and can save a lot of money.

One practical quality of digital locks is that you can reprogram them any time. We get calls from flat owners regularly with the request to exchange the existing (normal) locks of their tenants after they move. This expenditure can be avoided with digital locks because they only need to be reprogrammed. This means that if a tenant decides to move or an employee does not work for you anymore, you only need to type in a new code and the property is save again. You can spare the effort and money that an exchange of locks and keys would otherwise mean.

Over the past years, there has been a trend towards even more complex high-tech safety locks in the Industrial field. Whenever a customer is interested in such systems, we inform him not only about the advantages but as well about possible disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of those lock systems is the fact that high costs might arise, in case the reader of the system gets damaged and needs replacement. It is important to know that digital locks have a longer life span compared to biometric fingerprint readers. Whether you plan to install a digital lock or a biometric fingerprint reader, you should always hire a company that has experience with these products.

We advise you about any digital locks that fit your needs und will inform you about all relevant information during a scheduled appointment.