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Smart Bike Lock

In 2018, over 300.000 bicycles got stolen in Germany. Smart locks for bicycles controlled via smartphones are an easy solution to prevent thieves to even attempt to steal bikes and come with a lot of useful functions like GPS trackers and alarm systems.

Sometimes it only takes 10 minutes. You just want to run some errands at the grocery store and your bike is gone. Few cyclists use a high-quality lock like a steal chain, when they only leave for a short amount of time. They might think it is not necessary, but once their bike is gone, anger starts to grow fast. Standard bicycle locks do not provide enough safety against theft, because trained thieves are able to unlock and open them in a few seconds. In addition, these locks do not stop thieves to carry the bike away.

Smart Bike Lock on a bike
Smart bike locks should be complemented by an U-lock.

Locking the bike at the push of a button

Electronic locks that can be controlled via smartphones provide a smart solution to protect a bike from theft and put an end to the desperate search for the key. The technology behind the design of the locks is quite simple. Depending on the manufacturer or provider, the smart locks can be opened and closed via Bluetooth/app and often come with useful additional functions.

Electronic Bike Lock
Smart bike locks aren't necessarily better than a strong chain lock.

Smart locks thanks to Bluetooth, GPS trackers and alarm systems

The smart bike lock Bitlock from Mesh Motion works exactly like described above and uses a 12 mm thick steal U-lock that can be fastened to any railing. Bitlock also comes with a GPS tracker and an app, so users will be able to check the location of their bike at any time. It is also possible to give other persons access to the lock and share the bike with friends. Depending on how often the bicycle is used, the in-built battery of the smart lock lasts about 5 years. Before the battery runs out, the user will be noticed via smartphone about the low battery level.

The smart lock I lock it from a Berlin company works similarly. As soon as the owner removes himself from the bike, it locks automatically and opens again when the user is standing at a specific distance that is previously determined. The automatic mechanism of the smart lock can reach a distance up to 10 meters but can also be controlled with an app. As soon as a locked bike is moved, an integrated sensor activates a 110-decibel alarm and sends a message to the smartphone, which makes any attempt to steal the bike much more difficult.

Double-locked is better

Thanks to an easy smartphone lock mechanism, a GPS tracker, and an alarm system, electronic bicycle locks are a save and practical alternative compared to standard bike locks. But even such smart locks do not provide a full safety guarantee against theft. Depending on the manufacturer, they offer different functions like tracking or a U-lock. For the best possible safety, bicycles should always be locked twice with different locks or mechanisms. U-locks, D-locks, or massive steal chains offer additional safety to electronic locks.